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Photo: Tony Baker

"Listening to Daisy's Music is exactly like pulling on a new pair of jeans that fit exactly like your favorite pair of old ones."

Stix Franklin, KKCS Colorado Springs 

What's New?
 Look for Daisy Dern and Dave Gibson on MSNBC in January with country newcomer, De'Leah Wiles.  Find out why De'Leah was featured on Dateline NBC in 2005....and why MSNBC is doing this follow-up on her career.  Hear De'Leah sing "Home Made Lemonade" and hear her amazing story.  Stay tuned for air date!
Daisy Dern

 January 5, 2008
Don't miss Daisy Dern and Dave Gibson at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN
12 PM Ford Theater
(615) 416-2001 
If you missed our performance you can find us on https://mp3chipmunk.com. Just type daisy dern in music search field.
Photo: Tony Baker


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