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           Daisy has been studying piano since the age of eight and voice since she was a young teenager.  In high school, Daisy accompanied the drama department's musical productions and played in the jazz band.  When she went on to college, Daisy studied audio engineering at San Francisco State University and harmony, ear training, voice, songwriting, and music theory at Berklee College of Music in Boson, Massachusettes.  She also studied for several years with famed vocal coach, Judy Davis, who trained Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, Grace Slick, and many other legendary singers.  Daisy has a bachelor's degree in Music Business and twenty years of experience teaching piano and voice.        
Daisy Dern
Teaching Studio
     Daisy is currently teaching piano, voice, songwriting and performance in her private studio outside of Nashville.
Students learn to read music, play by ear, read and write chord charts, write their own songs, perform in front of an audience, and how to develop and maintain vocal control.  Students also get the opportunity to work in a professional pro-tools recording studio to record their own songs.



"A Woman's two-cents worth is worth two cents in the music business."
~Loretta Lynn